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For as long as we can remember, stories have played an integral part in human history. From cave paintings to Shakespeare, campfire tales to water cooler anecdotes, story-telling has been a method of communication, education, entertainment and bonding that transcends culture, creed, nationality and even time itself.

Billions of dollars are spent each year finding, developing and telling stories for everything from corporate training videos to streaming TV binge watching. Hollywood tentpole blockbusters and small viewer high school drama club videos all have one thing in common: they all start with a story.

If you’ve come to this site, chances are you have a story to tell. Maybe more.

With the advent of the internet, the ability to tell your story to a far-reaching audience is greater than ever. You just have to know how to tell it.

That’s where we come in.

At Ghostly Writings, our team of award-winning writers can help you achieve your story-telling dreams in a variety of ways.

But first, you have to get in the game.

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